Weekend Recap

This weekend was really relaxed.  I  had volleyball tournaments the past two weekends, so it was nice to have a break, especially with a big three day tournament coming up. We’ve had a lot of rainy weather the past few days, and we were all fighting  different sicknesses, so we kept it pretty laid back.

I spent most of my free time joining most of my circles on my blanket. I absolutely love the way it’s turning out! It’s growing, but there is definitely still a lot of work to do. My goal was to get all of them joined this weekend, but it took longer than I thought and I got a little burned-out, so I’ll have to finish this week.

Blanket Circles


I took a break from circle joining and hopped on the mandala bandwagon. I’ve seen a lot of these recently on Pinterest and other blogs, so I thought it was about time I made my own.




I now see why they’re so fun! I love all of the color possibilities that make each one unique.  I followed patterns in issues 7 and 14 of Simply Crochet.  They were really easy to follow and I think they turned out pretty great! I used KnitPicks Shine Cotton in Robot, Reef and Green Apple and loved it! The cotton is super soft and the colors are bright and beautiful!

If you can’t tell, I definitely have a comfort zone with colors.  Blue is my favorite color and I have a really hard time straying from it.  I want to be better about trying new colors, so my goal is to use colors other than blue and green in new projects. Let’s see how long that lasts.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite videos. This is Scott Avett singing Bob Dylan’s One More Night and it’s seriously great!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. tilleyb

    I love these colours too! And your blanket is
    So beautiful. I have started straying into a more orange pallet recently, but I still sneak in the blues and greens!!

  2. Stel

    Beautiful, and it’s such soothing colours.
    I always try to randomise my colours when doing squares/circles like these, and then it’s always a struggle to place them…I can sit and shuffle squares around for hours. BUT I see that you’ve used the same sequence the whole time – much better idea :-)

    1. Kate

      Thank you!! I have a really hard time doing random, but I love the way it looks! I think this pattern kind of looks random, but takes away the hassle of placing the circles!

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  4. Jan Belgrave

    Just starting my own crochet blog on blogger …. feeling very lonely over there. Glad I found you …. some of your work is stunning. thanks Jan

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